You deserve to have employment that you enjoy — employment that is emotionally satisfying and meaningful. AIRES offers careers in direct care and management that meet those needs. If you have an interest in caring for others, in helping them overcome obstacles and barriers, then you should seriously consider working with the developmentally disabled. Our employees love the work that they do because every day they make a difference in someone’s life. When you look forward to coming to work each day, then you know you’re in the right place. That place is at AIRES!

We’re looking for people who are caring, capable, respectful, and responsible. People who want to do the right thing and be a help to someone with special needs. We provide paid training to teach you all that you need to know, so even if you’re new to this field of work you can be successful. Apply with us today.

Here are the most common positions available within our company:

Direct Support Professionals — work directly with individuals we support (children and adults with disabilities) to help them live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. Direct Support Professionals serve as caregivers and role models. They teach basic homemaking and social skills, while providing the support with personal care needed by the individual we support. They take the individuals we support to activities and events in the community (like movies and ball games), help them with grocery shopping and cooking—they help the individuals we support with all of those everyday things people do. Direct Support Professionals also help the individuals we support to maintain their physical health by administering medications, attending doctor’s appointments, and monitoring health indicators.

Program Managers — supervise the operation a group home or day program that services the disabled. Their primary responsibility is to make sure that the individuals we support in the program are receiving the high quality services they deserve. Program Managers work along side Direct Support Professionals in delivering services to the individuals we support, and serve as the supervisor to the staff working at the program. They also have responsibilities regarding the paperwork and compliance with state rules and regulations.

Program Directors — supervise several Program Managers and group homes/day programs. Their primary responsibility is to provide the support, training, and information the Program Managers need to operate their programs. While they don’t work as directly with the individuals we support as a Program Manager, Program Directors interact and get to know the individuals we support well enough to make sure that their needs are being met. Program Directors have administrative responsibilities including staff interviewing and hiring, program funds auditing, quality control, and documentation management.

Benefits - AIRES is pleased to offer its full time employees benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, group life insurance. Enrollment information