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Services We Offer
Residential Group Homes
While we know that living with family is best, there comes a time when the family needs additional help with the daily care of a loved one, or when that person is interested in getting their own space. We encourage you to consider having your family member receive residential living services via an AIRES group home. An AIRES group home is so much more than a residential facility with staff — it’s a home that provides loving, compassionate care. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, well decorated environment that is warm and cheerful, that feels like our own homes. In coordination with the ISP Team and Support Coordinator, we determine the amount of daily support required to meet the behavioral, medical, social, and developmental needs of the person. We’ll create with you a plan to help your family member continue to grow and develop as a person. We hope you’ll agree that AIRES is the next best thing to home. We invite you to come tour any one of our homes to see why so many people are happy to call AIRES home.

Independent Living Arrangements
We strongly believe that people with disabilities should live as self-sufficiently as possible, and our Independent Living Arrangements Service is one avenue towards that goal. For those who need some assistance with their housing, but do not require the type of constant support offered in a group home, we offer independent living arrangements. We help the person being served to find their own home or apartment, and provide any additional help they may need to live on their own. We work with everyone involved to make sure that the situation makes sense and can be successful. This service is a great way to help the person with disabilities achieve their goal of independence, and make that transition from living at home to living on their own. Our trained staff will help the family explore the issues and concerns of living on their own, and will help find realistic solutions.
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Day Programs
A good day program should offer people with disabilities lots of choices and opportunities that meet their needs for meaningful activity. It should be a place where your family member is able to continue to grow and be challenged after they have aged-out of the school system. AIRES day programs are not daycare facilities. Instead, AIRES day programs are busy, exciting places that are designed to provide mental, physical, and emotional stimulation and developmental supports. The people attending our day programs are actively engaged and participate in all kinds of activities and therapies. We offer arts and crafts, sensory stimulation, agricultural-horticultural therapy, animal assisted therapies, and computers and technical skill development — there are plenty of choices! We invite you to come tour any one of our day programs to see why so many people love attending an AIRES day program.

Vocational Rehabilitation
AIRES can help with the transition from school and day program activity into successful job placement. Vocational rehabilitation is appropriate for people with disabilities who are interested in learning job skills and obtaining employment in the workforce. We work with the person and their support team to create a realistic developmental plan that carefully considers their abilities and interests, with a focus on helping them be successful in their vocational journey. AIRES prides itself on its ability and determination to help people find meaningful employment in the community. When appropriate, AIRES focuses on developing work opportunities that are not in a sheltered workshop. We can help you determine if vocational rehabilitation is a viable option and get the process started. Call us today!

In-Home Care (a.k.a. Home & Community Based Services)
Sometimes all the support you need is occasional help in your own home — you need some respite, help with personal care, or in-home habilitation support. And, perhaps most importantly, you need support that is reliable and dependable. That’s why so many families come to AIRES for help with in-home care — we know how important it is that your caregiver be reliable, as well as compassionate and caring. Our Home & Community Based Services will help you determine what supports are available to you and find a caregiver who will provide the services. Discover what we can do for you by calling us today — you’ll be glad you did.

Foster Care
While most of the people who come to AIRES need services for themselves or for a family member, there are loving families who are interested in caring for a child or adult with a disability. If you want to share your love and add to your family, you can become a Child Developmental Home (CDH) or Adult Developmental Home (ADH) family. We’ll take you through the licensing process and help you learn about becoming a foster family. You’ll discover the great rewards that come from caring for a person with a disability. AIRES provides families the on-going training and support to help you be successful. We’ll help you in the selection process to help you find the right special person to bring into your family. We offer respite services to help you fulfill your personal tasks and responsibilities. If you think that this is what you have been looking for, then meet with us today to learn about this exciting opportunity.

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