AIRES is committed to providing person-centered services of the highest quality to children and adults with disabilities, as well as the elderly. Founded by Vivian Taylor in 1978, AIRES is proud to serve over 400 people across the state of Arizona.

While employed as an educator in the 1970's, Vivian had the opportunity to work with students with special needs (this was before the days of modern Special Education). She realized that the supports being offered to her students were inadequate. What Vivian discovered when she walked into that classroom appalled her. Instructors weren't certified. There was no organization. No curriculum. No expectations. She determined that she would be an advocate for change and worked hard to improve the lives of the developmentally disabled. AIRES was the result of that hard work and commitment.

The deeper she delved into Arizona's history of neglect in the field of developmental disabilities, the more determined she became to make people aware of conditions and to rally support for changing the system. Vivian had a favorite saying: “I touch one strand and the whole web dances.” That concept of personal impact, of making a difference one person at a time, inspires our vision. The AIRES Values are inspired by Vivian’s commitment to doing the right thing. We aim to provide legendary human services by consistently promoting these values:

EMPOWERMENT - Make it happen
PASSIONLove what you do
TEACHLead by example
HONESTYAlways have integrity
YES WE CANNever give up

All of our activities and decisions, from direct care to administration, are directed and guided by these Values. We work hard to continually champion these Values, to make them a real and constant influence in our professional and personal lives. Our employees are dedicated to carrying-on Vivian’s legacy. Our approach to providing services can be summed up this way: we care for the people we serve like we would care for our very own family members.

Central to our approach to providing services is the concept of Person-Centered Services. What are person-centered services? They are supports that are designed and delivered based on the needs of the individual. We don’t believe in applying pre-packaged or recycled behavior treatment plans or developmental outcomes. Instead, we believe in approaching each person’s needs individually, discovering their abilities and needs, and then tailoring a solution or program that works for them.

Person-centered service goes hand-in-hand with the concept of Self-Determination and Dignity of Risk. AIRES believes that all human beings are entitled to the right of self determination. Each individual should be given the opportunity to make decisions and to experience the consequences of those decisions.

Dignity of risk is a concept that promotes individual expression and decision making. In practice, dignity of risk is the process wherein a person with a developmental disability tries new things, discover new interests and activities.

Whether or not a person has a disability, there is a possibility of failure. But there is dignity in being self assertive; there is dignity in the struggle to grow as a person. We work with our families to manage that tug of war between “what’s been comfortable” and “what might be possible.” The AIRES values and services embody the concepts of self determination and dignity of risk.

We invite you to tour any one of our independent living settings, group homes, day programs, or vocational rehabilitation programs and see for yourself the AIRES difference. We’re confident that you’ll discover a place where you know that needs are carefully considered. We hope that you’ll find AIRES to be the next best thing to your own home.